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Last week our Director David in his role as a Microsoft MVP was invited to the Microsoft MS Innovate conference in Sydney where Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella presented the keynote. You can watch all recordings of the conference here. Satya’s message mirrored Microsoft’s mantra that technology is important, but people and trust are more important to all our success. He also showcased some very interesting projects that Microsoft helped companies implement, almost all of them making people’s lifes easier in some way or helping consumers build up trust in technology. With a “complete toolchain” available to cloud developers on Microsoft Azure Microsoft enables people to increase their tech adoption and tech capability, coupled with growing trust in the platform Satya used the term tech intensity to describe the fact that the amount of technology in all our lives is just going to grow. With approx. 170 zettabytes of data generated by 2025-2030 using this data for the common good in ethical ways is paramount.


We had great conversations with representatives from companies from several industries learning about their struggles finding a partner that gets “cloud”. A lot of those conversations evolved around security and governance while keeping up with the changes on Azure and still enabling their cloud developers to leverage cloud services for new functionality or finding a home for existing workloads. At XIRUS for us these are very common issues in cloud projects that we regularly help our customers navigate.


On this journey to the cloud an experienced partner at your side is important. One with proven capabilities in this area. Reach out to to learn more about our offer to help you stay secure, current and do not experience bill-shock.

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