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A XIRUS Success Story

thedocyard is a cloud-based deal management platform built specifically for managing the entire lifecycle of any corporate or commercial transaction. It is steadily gaining popularity globally to support deal management in investment banking, legal, corporate and fund management firms. In 2019 thedocyard approached XIRUS to define a solution which would address the technical and business issues related to their current infrastructure build and service management processes.


▪ Availability and reliability concerns

▪ Poor monitoring and problem diagnosis

▪ Inefficient use of IT 

▪ Expensive service management

▪ Scalability issues

▪ Security concerns

▪ Inadequate test capabilities


Over a 40-day timeframe XIRUS:

▪ Enabled Azure Front Door cloud-based routing services to provide users with best and fastest access to the application

▪ Adopted Hashicorp Terraform to enable infrastructure-as-code and automated deployment of multi-regional web applications

▪ Updated Virtual Machine infrastructure to Windows Server 2019

▪ Introduced automated load-based scaling of servers with Virtual Machine Scale Sets

▪ Installed Azure cloud based monitoring and logging

▪ Established CI/CD infrastructure pipelines to ensure that changes to infrastructure and application are tested and validated before deploying to production

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  • Improved availability and reliability: The Azure highly resilient infrastructure ensures that an issue related to a server or application in a specific cloud region does not impact customers or services. Customers in the affected region are seamlessly and automatically switched to another region

  • Proactive monitoring and problem diagnosis: Azure’s detailed monitoring and alerting capability provides up-to-date information about system health, enabling fast diagnosis and resolution of issues, as well as facilitating proactive trend analysis to prevent potential future incidents

  •  Improved agility and scalability: Terraform’s automatic infrastructure-as-code deployment capabilities provide improved resource utilisation (resulting in cost reduction) and fast application of new features and deployment of new regions

  • Reduced risk and improved security: Through use of pipelines and automation, the production environment is locked down to read-only for users, reducing risk and improving data security. Patches and updates are automatically deployed reducing risk of security breaches

  • Cost reduction: Azure managed Platform as a Service enabled thedocyard to cease paying vendor service provider fees and manage the infrastructure in-house, resulting in reduced maintenance costs

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"The result is transformational for the business. We can scale out on minutes, add new regions at the stroke of a key and evolve our infrastructure and application architecture together as a homogenous unit rather than the traditional separation commonly seen."

Stephen Aspey

thedocyard CTO

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